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Mondfarilo is available for download in the following formats:

These downloadable forms are no more "finished" than the Web Applet version is. The whole show will be a work in progress for quite some time yet. But a number of you have requested to be able to run stand-alone for greater performance. Those of you who can run the PowerMac binary should be especially pleased by how quick it is.

Please note that there is as yet no Mac-specific documentation. The PowerMac binary works pretty much like the Java applet, but there are a few differences. The main one to note is that the Mac version uses the Option and Command keys where the applet uses the Ctrl and Shift keys. I will probably change this soon to make the two versions more alike. And I will add some sort of on-screen reminder about the functions of the various modifier keys.

The PowerMac's lathe primitive doesn't have an inside/outside test yet, and so doesn't work in CSG intersections and differences. It's POV-Ray output is correct all the same, however.