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reat Dane Velo Club is an organization of elite cyclists. Members compete regionally as well as nationally in road cycling events. As a team, Great Dane Velo Club provides recognition to its sponsors through participating in races, local community events, and as moving billboards. Programs and events the Great Dane Velo Club has promoted includes the State Road Race Championships, and the GDVC Spring Criterium Series.

Great Dane Velo Club is comprised of professional working adults, college students, and high school students. One unique aspect to this team is the inclusion of a junior squad (racing age of 18yrs. and under). Racing tactics, techniques, and training methods are shared and utilized producing the best junior racing team in the Midwest. The results speak for themselves…our juniors have competed in the world cyclocross championships, national championships, and are featured in national publications such as VeloNews and Bike Racing Nation.

Great Dane Velo Club offers one of the most talented group of category 1, 2, and 3 riders in the midwest as well. Our emphasis during the season is local but we also send riders to National Calendar Events. Great Dane Velo Club riders train on the streets of Madison and surrounding towns from 20-30 hours a week starting in January and continuing into October. For more information regarding the Great Dane Velo Club, contact Tom Boehnen Jr.,  President of GDVC.

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