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In order to submit your art to the Garden of the Black Rose, it must be given to me via E-mail. Attach the image by clicking the button called "attach" in your e-mail program and selecting the file from the window which should appear. For more information, e-mail me and I can give you step-by-step instructions tailored to your browser.

I can upload your image to my homepage. If the file is already on the internet (this means you can view your image online, in other words, it can be found at a certain URL, i.e. http://www.someplace.com/mypic.gif), you may simply send me the URL where the image can be found and I will upload it to one of my sites. I will not link to any outside locations, nor will I accept any file which is not in .gif or .jpg format. If your image is in another format (.bmp, .tif, etc…), send it to me and I can change it for you.

Please attempt to get your file size as small as possible (this does not mean you should change the size of your image, but that it should be less then 100KB. If you are sending multiple images, the maximum size might decrease). If I feel the image is too large, I may have to modify it myself, but I prefer this be done by the artist so that the image does not loose any detail which I might overlook.

I will not except any obscene or pornographic material, and I would prefer you not send me that picture of your grandma that you simply modified a bit in PhotoShop. I WILL, however, except artistic photography.

By sending me your work you acknowledge that I hold the right to modify it or remove it from my homepage. I will not disqualify your art because I think you are a "poor artist," only if I see the material as being inappropriate or too graphic for younger viewers. However, I do not hold the right to distribute an artist's work for profit nor give it to other galleries without the artist's expressed permission.

Now then, if you feel your image(s) measure up to my standards :), E-mail me with the images as well as your name, a description of yourself, and a brief summery of each of your images. And thank you for submiting your works to the Garden of the Black Rose!

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