And Then She Was Gone

Slowly walking, looking, thinking, lost. The noise thundered, the house shook. Little Jeniliegh was hiding under the bed. She could hear her mom screaming. Her dad was already dead, she saw him shot. Three times in the head. The murderers were still there, still making her mom scream. Jeniliegh got madder and more afraid. She started to cry, tears streaming down her cheeks, puddles on the floor. Finally her mom stopped screaming. It was silent, dead silent. Jeniliegh slowly crawled out from underneath her bed. She tiptoed out of her room. Blood soaked into the hallway carpet. It made a squishy noise against her shoes. She walked down the stairs as quietly as possible. She knew the murderers were still in the house. She had to be quiet. After three minutes which seemed like an eternity, Jeniliegh got to the front door. She opened it slowly trying not to make a sound. "Be quiet, quiet like a mouse." She told herself. She walked out leaving the door ajar.

Jeniliegh hit the ground hard. She was at the end of her driveway sobbing. The pain in her stomach grew, it spread through her whole body. She managed to lift herself off the ground. Little five-year-old Jeniliegh walked down the street. She knew she had to go to her grandparents house. Raven, Jeniliegh's seven-year-old sister was spending the night there.

The house was dark, all the lights were off. Jeniliegh climbed the twenty-five steps winding up to the house. She counted them so many times before. Jeniliegh got to the top of the stairs and rang the doorbell. No one answered. She rang it again. Still no answer. Jeniliegh used all her strength and pounded repeatedly on the door. After a couple of minutes her grandpa answered the door. "Jeniliegh? Why... are you here?" He asked, "Sandy come quick, Jeniliegh is at the door." "Jeniliegh? Why is she at the door, its twelve thirty in the morning." Jeniliegh heard her grandmas voice and started to cry. It sounded so much like her moms voice. "Jeniliegh what's wrong, why are you crying? Where are your parents?" Sandy asked. "They are dead." Jeniliegh said, seeing Raven behind her grandparents. "Who's dead?!" Raven was the only one who could get Jeniliegh to talk. "Mom and dad. They are dead." "Jeniliegh this is important, are you sure your parents are dead?" Grandpa Bill asked. "This is insane! Poor Jeniliegh standing outside in the cold, Bill bring her inside." Grandma Sandy started to walk away. "Dear... there is blood all over Jeniliegh's shoes." "Call the police, mom and dad are dead." Jeniliegh barely spoke loud enough for any of them to hear. They all froze; no one knew what to do, except Raven. Raven rushed over to Jeniliegh. Raven helped Jeniliegh take off her shoes and then come inside. "Grandma, Grandpa call the police. Mom and dad are dead." Raven ordered. "Jeniliegh it will all be okay." Raven held her close. "Everything will be okay."

Ten years later

It wasn't okay, it never would be. The wind hit Jeniliegh's face, she stumbled backwards. Her head slamming into a brick wall. Falling unconscious into a puddle of blood. The sound of an ambulance was heard in the distance. Her blood pulsating out her wrists, flowing down the brick walkway. Screaming, her sister picked up the blood soaked towel and razor blade.

'Wherever you are you will carry always the truth of the scares...' -Gavin Rossdale

Jeniliegh's pale blue eyes were fixed on the ceiling. Her long blond hair was spread over the rock hard hospital pillow. "Jeniliegh, are you awake?" Raven asked quietly. Jeniliegh didn't respond but Raven knew the answer. Jeniliegh had woken up screaming a few hours before. Now she lay there quietly. "Jeniliegh will you please talk to me?" The nurse had told Raven to keep talking to Jeniliegh to see if she could get her to talk. So far it hadn't worked. This wasn't the first time Jeniliegh had attempted suicide nor would it be the last. "Jeniliegh, I'm going to talk to the nurse. I will be back." Raven said shutting the door. Jeniliegh had no clue why she was in the hospital. She looked down at her wrists, the familiar bandage covered half her arm. "Oh shit, I did it again." Jeniliegh said. She started to remember the events of the night before. Jeniliegh looked around the room. The bed she was laying on and a recliner were the only two pieces of furniture in the room. Her sisters purse was on the floor with the contents spilling out. Jeniliegh and Raven were really close ever since their parents were murdered. Raven looked after Jeniliegh like Jeniliegh was her own daughter. The door opened and Raven walked in. "Jeniliegh, you are going to have to stay here until Monday. Its Saturday now." "Where are grandma and grandpa?" "They are in Florida staying with aunt Jill. That's why you have to stay here until Monday. I called them and that's the soonest they can get back to sign you out of here." "Cant they give me a bed with no straps?" Jeniliegh asked impatiently. "No they cant, but they will let you walk around soon. They want you to stay in bed for a while. There will be a nurse in here soon to ask you some questions. I have to leave and go to work." Raven walked out. Through out the next two days nurses, doctors, and Raven walked in and out of the room. They usually didn't stay there to talk to Jeniliegh just to 'check up'. Finally at seven o'clock p.m. Jeniliegh's grandparents came to pick her up. The car ride home was completely silent. Jeniliegh's grandparents didn't know how to handle her. Or maybe they didn't want to know. They got home and Jeniliegh ran up to her room. Clothes were all over the floor, pop cans, bowls and cups also littered the area. Jeniliegh managed to make a path to her bed and plop down. She could see the summer sun from her skylight window. She was glad that it was summer. She didn't want to deal with school or the people in it. The only person she talked to was her best friend, Ani. The phone rang. "Hello." Jeniliegh said, answering the phone. "Hey Jen. Are you okay?" Ani called as if she knew Jeniliegh was thinking about her. "Yeah I'm fine. You wanna go out tonight? We can go down to state and get high." "Sure if my mom lets me out of this hell." "Cool. We can try to find David down there." "Are your grandparents going to let you out of the house with all that happened?" Ani knew better than to ask. Jeniliegh's grandparents never made her stay home. "I'll talk to my mom then walk over to your house." "Okay, bye." Jeniliegh said as she hung up the phone. Jeniliegh looked around he room. "How the hell am I going to find clothes in this mess?" Jeniliegh got up and started to look for something to wear. "This is going to take hours." She thought to herself.

"Hey Jen!' Ani said running into Jeniliegh's room. "Hey. Lets go down to state now, I don't feel like staying here."

The cold concrete pressed against Jeniliegh's face. She looked up. Ani was laying on the ground in front of her. Blood trickling out of her mouth. "ANI!! ANI WAKE UP!!" Jeniliegh screamed. "Ani, please wake up. ANI!!!!" Ani didn't move she laid there lifeless. The blood still trickling out her mouth. "SOMEONE HELP!! CALL 911!! Please! Someone help her." No one responded to Jeniliegh's screams, they were either to drunk or stoned to care. Jeniliegh looked around for a phone, finally she found one. "Hello 911, please help, my friend is hurt." Jeniliegh said. "I'll send an ambulance right away. What is your name?" The dispatcher said. "Jeniliegh, Jeniliegh Fields." "What is you friends name?" "Ani Booker." "What is your phone number?" "555-3647" Jeniliegh said. She started to feel dizzy. "I cant talk any more." Jeniliegh collapsed on the ground.

"Jeniliegh! Wake up now! Jeniliegh I said wake up!" Raven yelled. "What?! What's going on? Where's Ani? Where am I?" Jeniliegh asked. "You are so lucky I found you! You could be dead right now! Get up!" Raven yelled. Jeniliegh stood up slowly, trying not to loose her balance. She swayed back and forth trying to steady herself. "Where is Ani?" Jeniliegh asked. "Where did Ani go?" "She's in the hospital." Raven put her arm around Jeniliegh's shoulders. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. You really scared me. I didn't know if you were dead." Jeniliegh noticed a piece of paper on the ground. It was a poem David had written for her. She picked it up and put it in her pocket. "Jeniliegh, lets go home now." Jeniliegh and Raven walked to the car and went home.

A couple days later

"Jeniliegh. Pick up the phone its for you." Raven yelled. "Hello... Yeah this is her... How's Ani? She's going to be okay right?... Oh my God... I got to go." Jeniliegh looked down at the floor, the poem David wrote and a razor blade lay there staring her in the face. Jeniliegh picked up the razor and slashed open her existing scars. With her finger she wrote David's poem on her wall with her blood.

Blood flowing


Slashed wrists

You say 'It was an accident'

You lie

Everyone watches you

Like a caged animal

You pace


The comfort of the razor

There again

The trickle of blood

Warm on the skin

This time there's no turning back

Last Updated: 5/3/97