Road to Peace: Chapter Six


he moon hung lazily in a clear night sky, casting eerie shadows which danced about in the pale light. Cool breezes sent flurries of sand and dead leaves spiraling upward, stinging Locke's face as the collided with his bare skin. Sabin's bulky shape moved silently ahead, towering above the lank figure trailing at his side. Locke could barely hear the faint dialect going between the two, Setzer trying to convince Sabin he knew nothing else of Edgar's sickness except what he had already revealed.

Burying his face deeper into the collar of his jacket, Locke sighed heavily. He had never seen Sabin act this way. Concern for a brother, he could understand, but Sabin seemed completely untrusting of even his closest friends. He continuously dug for something that wasn't there, as though Setzer would hide any sort of information.

The desert soon gave way to a brilliant garden, hundreds of flowers, closed up for the night, adding a pale colour to the green foliage. He could hear small animals moving about beneath the shadowed mask, how they passed through the wasteland outside Locke had no idea, yet it added a kind of serenity to the quiet park.

After a short time, Doma's dark turrets and high balconies came into view above the treetops, a few windows glowing a warm yellow. As if that were a sign for Setzer to leave Sabin, he broke off from the man's side and waited for Locke.

"Beautiful garden." Setzer said, glancing about. Locke eyed him curiously. His voice seemed strained, as though he had just been involved in a heated argument, and hadn't had time to cool his nerves. Setzer noticed, and shook his head, nodding ahead. "He's worried sick, and taking it out on anyone. I don't blame him, really."

Running a hand through his hair, Locke followed the large figure ahead with his eyes, noting the way he loped on as though the world were coming to an end.

"Oh, don't you go getting cold on me, too! I've had enough of the silent treatment." Setzer's voice held more worry then anger.

Locke hadn't realized he was being silent. He gave Setzer a weak smile and apologized. "It's just, so much is happened. I know it's foolish, but when Kefka… died, I guess I thought everything would be alright. But then Terra got sick, and now Edgar…" he shook his head. "Maybe my expectations were too high."

"Perhaps. Life's a gamble, Locke. 'You have to take what you get, and make the best of it.'" Veiled in shadow, it was hard to make out Setzer's face, but Locke though he saw a smile. "Daryl used to say that."

Silence followed, and soon the lighted entryway leading through Doma castle came into view. They would soon see Edgar. Locke just hoped it made things better, not worse.

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