Road to Peace: Chapter Ten

Fly Away

he obscure day passed quickly into nighttime cool with no further word concerning Edgar's health, and Locke spent most of that time wandering about the endless passages of Doma, or the dirt paths of the gardens. A thick blanket of clouds moved over the brilliant blue skies with the coming of dusk, promising a dreary overcast the following day. Locke took to his bed early.

He awoke from a fitful sleep, his bed concealed in darkness. The full moon outside caused a pale spear of light to enter through the window, making strange patterns on the folded bedspread at his feet. Bugs chirped behind the veil of night, an eerie chorus he would have enjoyed some other time. Trying to block them out, he heaved a sigh and lay back on his pillow.

As he began to fall back into unsettling dreams, a darkness passed across his vision; a shadow briefly moving over the illuminated window. Still half-asleep and with scattered wits, he sat strait up, his eyes darting from one place to another.

Soft as the wind, a hushing sound came from the right-hand corner of the room. His head whipped about. A figure started out from the shadows, black leather boots gleaming in the scant light. Upwards the light traveled as the figure moved closer, reviling a man, clad entirely in a deep black, with a curved sword belted around his waist. A short coat with a large, turned down collar hung about narrow shoulders and a pale neck. The face was at first unfamiliar, but when recognition finally did set in, Locke's jaw dropped.

"Edgar." He breathed, and suddenly he sprang out of bed, coming to stand directly before the man. Clasping Edgar's arms in a firm grip, he gave him a worried look. "You should certainly be in bed." He said, fully awake now. In the pale moonlight Edgar seemed almost healthy, watching the stars outside, his eyes sparkling. He spoke without ever altering his gaze.

"Poor little Terra. Little Esper girl. Her soul has flown away, flown away. And now her body rots." He was speaking softly, almost a whisper, as though he were voicing his own thoughts. "She is a shell, oh yes, her core is gone. Walking yet dead inside. Oh yes, she is dead. Poor little Esper girl."

Silence. Locke was too stunned to speak.

"All dead." He said suddenly; Locke almost jump despite the hushed voice Edgar used. "Silly ones, food for the gods. All dead. Ah, no. Goddesses." He giggled suddenly. A shrill laugh, not at all like Edgar. "Beauties of the heavens. Oh, yes, my pretty ladies, soon we shall dance together. Dance across the world, ah yes, it shall be splendid."

* * *

Flakes of dust floated lazily within the soft, yellow spear of light. A breeze rushed through the foliage outside, sending the white specks whirling in a frenzy.

Dazed, Locke watched on quietly, staring out the window at a graying sky. The sun was once again shrouded in cloud, dispersing the light and rousing Locke into awareness. He stood, letting the crumpled sheet fall from his legs. Dreams of last night yet haunted his vision, the nightmare of Edgar presiding over them all. He shook his head in an attempt to rid himself of those dark images, and proceeded to stretch himself.

Realizing he had slept in his boots, he scolded himself for dirtying Cyan's sheets so, and made his way out the door. The sound of running footsteps met him soon after he had entered the hall, and suddenly Relm appeared at the end, huffing.

"Whoa!" Locke chuckled, catching her up as she rushed past. He held her firmly in place. "Where are you off to in such a rush?"

"Edgar!" Relm breathed, her head drooping. "Looking for Edgar."

Locke stood ridged. "What?!" He exclaimed, "Where is he?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out." She snapped, and attempted to squirm from his grip.

"Hey, hey!" Locke scolded, "Tell me were Celes is."

Relm sighed, sagging in defeat. "How should I know?" She was quite annoyed. "Everyone is out looking for Edgar."

At this he loosened his grip, and Relm quickly shot away down the corridor.

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