Road to Peace: Chapter One

Fun and Games

yan rubbed his temples thoughtfully; intent on the game board spread out before him. He could feel Edgar's eyes on him. Watching him patiently. Confidently. Too confidently, as Cyan saw it. Edgar may be the king of Figero, but he was also young, and a young man with too much confidence always meant trouble. Edgar still had a lot to learn, as Cyan saw it.

But it wouldn't help a bit if Cyan lost yet another game to the man. He had to concentrate!

Finally, once he was absolutely sure he had examined and re-examined all his options, he moved in for the kill.

Not a second after Cyan had removed his fingers from the jet-black chess piece, Edgar snatched up one of his own pieces, slid it halfway across the board, and declared it "Check Mate."

Cyan slammed the palms of his hands down on the table as he stood, sending the chess pieces flying into the air. They clattered to the floor, rolling around for a bit until settling into the cracks in the grey stone flooring.

"That's four games in the last three days," Edgar announced, leaning back in his chair.

Cyan snorted ruefully. "I know how to count, boy!" he spat, glaring back at the young man.

Edgar held up his hands as if to defend himself. "Hey, no need to get angry; it's only a game. Lunch break is almost over anyway. Why don't we get back to work?" He glanced at the chess pieces strewn across the floor. "Unless you want to play another game of chess…"

Cyan barked a laugh. "I believe I have played enough chess for one day."

"Well then lets get downstairs." Edgar exclaimed, pushing himself away from the table. "We'll have Doma submerged by tomorrow!"

Cyan smiled despite himself. Edgar had said that very same thing every day for the past three months, ever since he and Cyan had begun construction on a submerging device for Doma castle. It was hard work, but Cyan was learning a great deal, and enjoying every moment of it. He had been fascinated by machines ever since he had discovered the simple book of machinery on Mt. Zozo, and wanted to learn everything there was to know about them. Edgar had been happy to help in his studies, saying Sabin (whom Edgar had left in charge of Figero castle during his absence) needed the experience being a king gave one, even if it was only for a short while. Later, he had explained to Cyan the true reason of his quick acceptance to leave Figero castle. "After being away from the castle so long, and being on such an exciting adventure, it's hard to settle back into my comfortable old lifestyle again," he had admitted one day while he and Cyan were hard at work installing the new submerging device, which Edgar had not-so-cleverly named "The Sand Sub." "You understand, don't you Cyan?"

Cyan had only nodded absently, intent on what he was doing. Later that day, he remembered what Edgar had said. Fool kid, he thought. Always wanting adventure and never appreciating the life he already has. Why, if I were king… his thoughts trailed off from there as he realized he, too, did not fully appreciate the kind of life he lead. Why else would he think about "if he were king?"

"And anyway," Edgar had continued as if Cyan's silence was an invitation to go on. "I saw a few rather pretty womyn here last time I visited. And I thought more must had moved in since I was last here."

Suddenly, Cyan realized he had been so engrossed in his own thoughts he had failed to notice Edgar talking to him. "—coming or not?" Edgar was saying, watching Cyan from where he stood at the top of the stone flight of stairs leading down into the basement. Cyan nodded and started toward the stairs just as Edgar opened his mouth to say something else. Probably a remark on how old and slow I am. Cyan thought, though he did not really believe it. Edgar may be cruel when playing chess, but he was a good man nonetheless.

Cyan stopped for a moment at the top of the stairs, glancing back at the chess pieces lying around the floor haphazardly. I'll beat that boy yet.

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