One in a Million

Part 1: The Crystal Teleporter

The battle raged on even after they called retreat. Steel clanged to steel, wood to wood. No one was going to ruin this battle. They wanted this world, even if it took forever to have it.

"You will never win, Dowo!" yelled a man. "You will never have the right to claim us! EVER!"

"You will see," yelled Dowo from atop a platform. "I will not only claim you but rule you."

"No!" yelled the man. With that remark he grabbed a throwing dagger and flicked it from his wrist.

The dagger flew an incredible speed towards Dowo’s face. It flew closer when he finally heard a familiar humming sound. Only his daggers made that sound. This man had stole one of his daggers! He passed the thought out of his head and bent down to miss the blade. Dowo then jumped off the high platform to the rock hard ground. He had to bend his knees and crouch low to prevent the breaking on his bones under his weight. He looked down to see if he could find a shield to defend himself with. He noticed a shield form at his feet. The man threw another knife. He quickly bent over to pick it up. He brought it back up to his face in an instant, with luck the knife imbedded in the wood of the shield and didn’t pass through even thought he thought it would.

"Ha, you can’t even kill me with my own dagger can you. You pathetic little man!" Dowo commented.

"I am not small and pathetic, human!" yelled the man. With that remark the man grew twice the size of Dowo. A long ax formed in his hands, too. "My name is Anitoa, by the way. Never forget it."

"Why should I? You are just an illusionist, you will never be what you appear to be," replied Dowo looking up at Anitoa. He looked around him for another weapon. A clear piece of metal caught his eye. He looked directly at it to get a better look. It looked like a crystallized rock. He grabbed for it when Anitoa swung his ax.

His ax stuck in the ground. He tried to pull it out but it stuck deep into the earth. When he thought of more muscle, his body started to tighten, again. His arms grew massive. Too heavy even for him. He fought against the weight just enough to pull the ax out of the rock-hard ground. He noticed Dowo diving at the ground. He raised his ax again for another strike. He turned so he had a clear shot and slammed a massive foot to catch his quarry off-guard.

The ground shook under his feet. He looked behind him at Anitoa. He was stomping the ground. His ax was raised high over his head.

Great! He is going to kill me with magic. He must be trying to make me fall with his feet. Well, it’s not going to work. Dowo thought.

Anitoa brought his foot down again and again. Every time it hit the ground, Dowo would jump. When not in the air, Dowo would dig at the rock/crystal object.

Dowo almost had the crystal object within grasp. Anitoa had made the situation even more complex by stomping the ground twice. Therefor, every time he would land, he would have to jump up quickly to avoid the second attack, leaving no time to dig.

Dowo finally dug to a place where a symbol shown. He placed a finger in he middle of the symbol. He had forgotten about the former "little man". The ground shook and Dowo’s body fell to the ground. Anitoa started laughing. Dowo looked back to see the creature swing the ax towards him. Dowo tugged on his finger, trying to pull it out of the symbol, but it wouldn’t move.

I might as well rip my finger off. That way I would be able to live the rest of my life. Hopefully in this world! He thought to himself. A panicked look swept over his face.

He suddenly felt dizzy. His world started to spin. Anitoa’s ax started to disappear. The one thing he wished would have happened along time ago. His body seemed to be being sucked in. His world went black. His body tensed in fear and excitement.

Part 2: The Woman

Dowo fell to the ground. He looked around to survey his surroundings. A stream flowed loudly close by. A forest to his left shifted with the wind, which was blowing through his tangled, black hair. He tried to stand, but when he reached his feet, dizziness over took him. His world swayed under his feet and he lost his balance. He toppled over and into the stream. His cry for help was drowned out by the stream’s water.

Water rushed in his mouth. He tried not to swallow, but it was no use. No one was around to hear him. Something grabbed hi shoulders and yanked him out of the water. He tried to see who it was but his eyes were too heavy and he passed out. * * * * *

When he regained consciousness, he was in a dark room. A small candle burned low to his left. He turned over to his side to get a better look at his surroundings again. The room was dark, damp, and smelled of must. The doorway was covered by a blanket, which didn’t allow light in from the front room, if there was any.

He sat up, refreshed from the sleep he just received. His body still ached but not as bad. He looked around again. The only thing in the room was the bed and the night-stand, which held the candle. The candle started to blink out with a sudden burst of wind. Dowo faced the direction in which the wind blew from. The blanket rustled and moved to reveal a tall woman dressed in a white gown. She moved graciously toward his side. She sat next to him on his bed. In her hand was a steamy mug.

"Where am I?" Dowo asked looking up at the woman. "Who are you?"

"You are at the House of the Sign. In the heart of Amenstria. I am Monicoa," the woman replied.

She handed the mug to Dowo. He took it and drank deeply. She got up to leave when a hand reached out for her.

"What is this? It is really good. Sweet and hardy in my opinion," he said.

She turned to look at him. "It is called coffee."

"Coff-ee? What an interesting name. When can I go? I am better."

You mustn’t leave. You feel better but you are not what you feel. You have been through a great battle. Internal and out," and with that she left.

That was a big help! A have to get back to Faleo. For the King’s Honor, I must! he thought.

Part 3: The Other Teleporter and the Note

Journal entry #1:

I am now regaining the strength to fight. I haven’t lost my touch atleast. Monicoa has been a big help in my recovery. I wish to thank her on that but every time I try, she has to leave. Before I leave I will tell her though. I have touched another side of me. A gentler side, one that is not power hungry. She also helped me with that too. She suggested I write in a journal, to help me keep in touch with the gentle side. She taught me how to read, write, and cast spells. The big ones don’t work for me but the rest do. I think that is all. 21st of June

"There, I finally have my first entry. She will be proud of me," he said rising from the desk in the main hall of the House of the Sign. He closed the book and carried it to his room.

He started up the stairs when he noticed a white crystal sticking out of the floor. He bent over to look at it when he remembered the teleporter on Faleo. He dug at it but the floor didn’t move like dirt. He raised his right hand over the object.

"Hollow circle," he mumbled. A twist of white and red light came out of the palm of his hand surrounded the crystal. A ring of white circle the object when Dowo pulled at it. It came out of the wood. It was about the length of Dowo’s arm. It had the same symbol on the tip of it as the first, bullseye surrounded by wavy lines.

"Monicoa, come down. Please come down." Dowo yelled up the rest of the stairs.

When she didn’t come down, Dowo started up. When he reached the landing, he saw that the door to Monicoa’s room was open. He feared for the worst and rushed to the door. There in the air, was a note, suspended in the air.

Dowo walked over to the note and pulled it from the air. He looked it over and crumbled it up into a ball. He threw it as hard as he could and shouted a incantation. Lighting shot from his body to the paper-ball. He turned to leave when he noticed the teleporter glowing. He placed his finger in the middle of the circle and prepared to leave.

His body grew thinner and the crystal fell to the floor, along with his journal. A red flame emanated from the rod and it to disappeared.

Part 4: The Reunion

Dowo appeared on the platform where he and Anitoa met. He could see Anitoa’s giant form. After three weeks, the war was still raging on. From the looks of it though, they had moved on. Away from Faleo’s main city, Godmoon.

Dowo jumped off the platform, again. He headed over to Anitoa, along the way he picked up a sword that was nicked and dull from battle. He didn’t care, though. All he wanted was Monicoa.

He reached Anitoa a few minutes later. Dowo’s army had found a way to stop Anitoa. With their flying-force. Which was only used for emergencies. Dowo looked up at Anitoa, raised his sword, and struck Anitoa’s foot.

"Where is she?" Dowo yelled, looking up once again. Anitoa looked down at him.

"Where is who?" his voice booming.

"Monicoa. And you know who I am talking about. You had her kidnapped! You left me a note saying you did," Dowo said waving his sword like a flag.

"Oh, it is you, Dowo. The one that called me a little man. Well, I’m not still little am I? Ha, I am never giving your back you precious little woman. She is so helpful cleaning up, doing laundry, and other laboring work," he replied chuckling.

"I will make you a deal. How is this? You give me back Monicoa and I will call off my army and never return to Faleo. Now, how is that?"

"You are a liar. No one can believe the Destmue. They lie to everyone. Even their own family. So what makes you think I will?" Anitoa questioned.

"I love the woman you are using as a slave. I wouldn’t lie on her behalf. I don’t lie, Monicoa taught me that I should never lie and I never have! Please, believe me!" Dowo pleaded. He dropped to his knees, begging.

"Fine, I can see that you aren’t lying after all," and with that Anitoa moved his right hand in a circle. A swirl of yellow appeared. Anitoa stuck his hand through the circle and returned it later with Monicoa, struggling.

"Monicoa!" Dowo shouted. "Are you OK, Monicoa?"

"I am fine, Dowo. Now let me down you big oaf !" Monicoa commanded. Anitoa put her gently on the ground beside Dowo.

"Now, call your fliers and army off!" Anitoa commanded in return.

"You’ve got it!" Dowo answered. He raised his hands and shouted "disappear army." The fliers started to fade, along with the rest of the infantry. Soon only the memory of the battle was left.

"There are you happy now, Anitoa?" Dowo asked wrapping his arm around Monicoa.

"Thank you, Dowo. And also for remembering my name." He replied walking off into the forest.

Dowo turned to face Monicoa. "Will you come home with me?"

Monicoa looked into his eyes and said, "Yes, you deserve it."

Part 5: One in a Million

Journal entry #2:

A lot has happened since Monicoa and I left Faleo. We vowed never to return there for one thing. We married soon after, gained control over half the world, and had a son. We named him Anitoa after the legendary one that I fought, who became famous for helping everyone around the world. He visits us now that we signed a treaty saying we wouldn’t conquer anyone anymore. My evil, power-hungry side is lost in the mists of forgetfulness. And I am proud to say that my life is one in a million. As I write this journal, I am proud to announce that Monicoa is due again. This time we wish for a girl, to follow in the footsteps of her mother. 3rd of November

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