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Ivy McKnight

Road to Peace: Continuing novel. This story concerns the end of FFIII, like the aftermath of what occured in the game. Even if you have not played the game, the story should make some sense. I started writing it about a year and a half ago, it is not even close to complete.

Ways of the Spirits : Short story. This story has a very sad ending, so I do not recommend reading it if you are soft-hearted. It's about a tribal chief who believes he is the cause of a plague which hits his village. <published>

Shirah Freeman

And Then She Was Gone: Short story. <no description>

Christopher Wilson

The Beginning: Short story. <no description>

One in a Million: Short story. <no description>

Erik Horton

The Simple Query: Short story. A story about how people don't listen to you or have time for you because you're a kid.

Carol Lindsey

Our Time: Short story of SGL, that developes into a life time of adjustments, self acceptance and the realization that life's most beautiful gift is... the gift of love a person... you not only consider your lover but your friend.


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