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Starry eyes with shatter proof heart

this is how thw life of every girl starts

not a scar on her arm or a tear in her eye

why do we ever let this little girl die

then one dreaded day she feels a yearning

and now for a boy her heart is burning

she finds a guy who she belives is the one

never does she think will our love be undone

but not long goes but before shes proven wrong

and so this is the end to her sweet love song

her heart is broken and from her eyes tears pour

she belives they are over to be never more

but he takes her back again and breaks her heart

to a dead end relationship this is a start

she cares for him now more then ever

and she belives him when he says foever

more scars form till she luvs him no more

so she tell him to leave for he is a bore

she can love no one any longer

untill her weaken heart grows stronger

now she realizes the little child had died

and for that litttle child many times she has cried

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