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You died for a country of lies and sin
This christian place of life and liberty
Has shown it will not let me live
Not without taking it's piece of the pie from me.

Land of the free and home of the brave
Show me your love by leaving me alone
You take from my food, house, and land
Not without payment, so pick me to the bone.

Land where the soldiers die without cause
To fight again in another decade or so
To what reason do we owe our lives?
Vorn in a place to kill another soul.

Land where the sky produces our sickness
Because money and power rule over existance
They'd rather pollute air and say it's for the earth
The earth isn't profiting, so why the resistance.

Justified deaths with a political credit earner
That brings home my taxes as a political leader
When will this justified theft/violence cease
Are we brainwashed to think we live any free-er


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