Home: Poetry: Rosa Linda Colin: Not Dead Yet
The sun shines bright 
Behind a patch of fog, 
While the rest remain dark 
And things hide in this bog. 
The worn dirt trail 
Travels up the foggy Mountain, 
My back aches from the struggle 
So I bread at the spring, as if a fountain. 
My mind filled with nostalgia 
My heart beats at such a pace 
That by body trembles 
At this personal quake 
I grab at my chest 
"What's going on?" 
And I fall to my knees 
Like the devils' injured spawn. 
Darkness surrounds my skull 
My arms and my feet 
I know my eyes are open 
But I no longer breathe. 
I wish I could talk 
Because I'm still thinking 
My body's not responding 
And I feel like I'm drifting. 
But what then? 
"I'M NOT DEAD!!!!" 
This is not the end. 

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