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I do love you my pet  
Love of no regrets; 
Please don't leave my side 
Really; I have nothing to hide. 
I hate rapists 
With no resistance; 
Devils too 
Not in existance. 
I love the rain with such a passion; 
The willow remembers when he 
Smiled in such a fashion 
My one my only 
Don't you see 
My dear and lover 
Don't you see 
My darling, my fiance 
Only know 
I love you more  
Than any can know. 
The sky, the stars 
Can only fortell 
No matter what happens 
It's you for I fell 
No matter where you are 
I'll probably be thinking of you 
So think of me when you look at any star 
You're in my future, this is true. 

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