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Incredibly strange mutterings
Of a spastic avocado.

Tribal tracks in the
Armpit of my eye.

The thing is a part of Urbania.

The forest is a favorite
I swear.

Think onions.

Thrice faggots
Fuck my

And what's to keep Frankie
>From falling?

Blonde hair and
A sequined dress?

My dick aches.

Eaten by ticks
Spread thick
My brother.

Not in my mouth
You don't!

What are matches
But a binary repeat
Of some ancient
Chocolate and shrimp;
A wandering mouse…

My friends are five
I am thirty-five.

Brain and green
And christmas is
Strange HORK.

Scratch crowds
Wards of the state.

Crackle frames
Crickets crackle
Grows the lawn…

I'm worth three farthings
A forge
I'm worth a prayer.

Deep into what it is
The between.

Twelve generations since Macbeth
Ferry schedules

I'm Halloween acid on Christmas;
The best place in the


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