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i am confused, i do not know, just where my life will go.
what does the future hold for me, what will tommorrow show?
although i've learned from yesterday, my patience runs it's course.
i hear the silent scream of fate, and my consiounse sharp retort.
this man he tells me that there is but one way through this life.
he says it's follow jesus, you will have no pain and strife.
this woman, she tells me that theres another path to take.
she says tune in to nature, magic will be your next big break.
i don't know who is right, and i don't know who is wrong.
everyone wants me to follow them, they play the pipers song.
my soul it yearns for something, though it know not what it seeks.
i would try just about anything, to make it through the week.
drugs are not the answer, this much at least i know.
alchohaul is not for me, it makes me dumb and slow.
somewhere in this universe, an answer lies in wait.
if you believe that sort of thing, perhaps you'de call it fate.
but as for me, i wander down lifes lonely, sodden path,
i seek but i find nothing, i am sick with grief and wrath.
i've knocked upon the doors of hell, and dearly paid the price.
satan is coniving, and he nearly took my life.
i'm still not sure about jesus, if he is right for me.
although he has so much to give, what does he want from me?
i think to myself, if i had love, then surely i'd be strong.
but where does love reside? i cannot wait for very long.
perhaps if i had education i would be content.
but knowlege can corrupt, it's a treasure better spent.
life is so confusing, life is hard and life is tough.
where are we headed in the end, what awaits when we give up?
i know not whether i will find the answers that i seek.
though i love my fellow man, perhaps i should just turn my cheek.
and so i wander barren roads, lost and out of touch.
my feet they drag beneath me, and my back, it aches so much!
my soul it bears a burden, a wieght thats far too much for me.
my eyes they gaze with horror, at a world to dark to see.
my ears they hear the whispers of the damned in thier estates.
my skin it feels an icy chill, a cold and dark embrace.
my spirit soars above me, high up in the clouds above.
all my senses, they assult me, strip me of all that i love.
i huddle in the corner, naked...lonely...see me lie.
although i cry for mercy, no one hears me passing by.
so here i wait, and here i sit, forebearing oh my soul.
please, just let me be my friend, just leave me to my hole...

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