Home: Poetry: Matthew J. Dunham: I and my Despair

my heart is sick, these chains i bear weigh heavy on my soul.
i thought i could control the beast, but now i pay the toll.
a war goes on inside of me, each side, they take thier stand.
i need someone to comfort me, someone to take my hand.
the woman that i love, well she does not love me.
the things i'm dreaming of, i can't touch but i can see.
sometimes i think that someone placed a curse upon my life.
forever doomed to walk alone, no one to share my strife.
i fall asleep at night and dream a dream of love so true.
then in the dawn i wake alone and bid that love adieu.
but sometimes when i fall asleep, my dreams they frighten me.
bitter shades from days long past come back to torment me.
relationships i've had and lost, disintegrate like sand.
people that i knew and loved, they slipped through shaky hands.
i'm tired, i am weak, i am sick with grief and pain.
i feel i've lost my mind, sometimes i can't recall my name.
now i slumber, see my lie, the world inside at peace.
don't wake me please, just leave me hear, between these tear stained sheets...

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