Home: Poetry: Matthew J. Dunham: Fire is a Greedy Master

Fire is a greedy master,
Engulfing everything it sees.
Paper, metal, wood and plaster,
Its only mission is to feed.
Take some time and look around you,
Comfort those you find in need.
Those who grieve or those about to,
Sorrow plants its awful seed.
Yet if we dwell on things behind us,
Never looking towards the sun.
Fear and sadness overcome us,
The work of chaos now is done.
Don't forget that theres tomorrow,
Never spurn a helping hand.
Don't dwell on the fear and sorrow,
Take your own heroic stand.
If we allow ourselves to be divided,
Each taking his own solemn stand.
Guilt and suspicion coincided,
Confusion now shall rule the land.
Lean on the shoulder of your brother,
Sisters, family, peers and friends.
Seek the loving warmth of others,
Never admit that it's the end.

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