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I sit here in an empty room, with just my silent thoughts.
My thoughts become my dreams, and my dreams become my hopes.
My hopes and my desires help to influence my deeds.
I think and think upon my deeds, and then upon the sultry steeds,
Of the carriages of fate, sped by the wheels of destiny.
And in the carriage sits a man, whose face and name we cannot know.
And by his side there sits a sword and Justice is its name.
And in the darkness of a cage,there dwell four pawns thereof the same.
Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, ever fighting, ever long.
And on the nameless ones right arm there hangs a shield to halt all harm.
Liberty its name was giv'n, though few know how, or when, or why.
And some fear now that it is lost, somewhere beneath the emerald sky.
This man he has two faithful pets, truth and fear respectively.
Each are used for separate tasks, though the end results are much the same.
And some fear now that they are lost,deep underground, sad and maimed.
And some fear now his sword is rust, his battered shield on a useless arm.
And though his horses gallop on, his carriage and its wheels behind,
He'll perish in the barren wastes, or in the foamy sea and brine.
But o'er the bright horizon come, the champions of the tired man.
In the forms the best 'present, through sky and sea, and over land.
Here comes the first, his muscles rippling, his heart is large, his roar renowned.
Loves form is that of a mighty lion, and all shall tremble on the ground.
The next glides in on silent wings, to satiate the massed folk.
Peace is a dove with the branch of olives, elusive as the wreathing smoke.
Through the sea there comes the next, ever playful, fierce in cause.
Joy, it is a smiling dolphin, blemishless and without flaw.
The next goes virtually unnoticed, ever humble, never still.
Mercy is a small gray mouse, shivering in the winters chill.
Lastly comes the great pretender, treacherous, and deadly to.
Hope is an alligator drifting, devouring dreams with no ado.
Will the champion the ding mans cause, will the arrive in time thats due?
For the answer gaze within, the choice is entirely up to you.

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