Home: Poetry: Matthew J. Dunham: What do I Rely on?

what do i rely on, when this life lets me down?

who do i have to turn on, when the jester takes my crown?

please tell me friend, where can i find, an outlet for my rage?

come, help me friend, i know you can, unlock my steely cage.

tame the beast, destroy the man, remove the mask of hate.

you've no compassion, in the least, you seek to seal my fate.

put away your weapon friend, theres no need for it here.

take a look into my eyes, thats it...come close...come near.

tell me what you see my friend, please tell me what resides,

in these dark and hollow pits of hell, that hold my bloody eyes?

shhh, listen, can you hear that? it's the sound of cold remorse.

that sound it haunts my dreams at night, it's effects they run thier course.

please, come take my hand, my friend. i'm lonely, can't you see?

it seems i've lived for ages, with no one to comfort me.

the creatures of this forest were so kind to share thier homes.

i feel so much at peace here, among the mossy rocks and stones.

no one understands me, no one knows the pain i bear.

no one wants my company, no body really cares.

they all pretend, to be my friend, my confidant, my aide.

but when the game gets rough, thats when they all betray.

they wait till i'm not looking, then they stab me in the back.

well i'm sick of it you hear? this time i'm fighting back!

don't approach me stranger, don't gaze into my soul.

i don't want you to share my fate, this stinking, blackened hole.

i don't want you to see, the man i really am inside.

i don't want you to come into this pit where i reside.

please, just go away...please, just disapear. don't touch me!

please, retract your hand! don't wipe away my tears!

this grief i carry on my back is wieghing on my soul.

the world has tied me to the rack, i feel so weak and old.

i think that if i were to die, before the morning light.

no one would really miss me, when i'm finally gone from sight.

so throw another log upon this blazing funeral pyre.

tell me all your dreams and hopes, come share your dark desires.

keep me occupied just for another hour or two.

i appreciate your company, in fact i really do like you.

i'm sorry that it has to end, this friendship that we share.

but untill next time...friend...i'm glad to hear you care.

now watch me disapear, come watch me fade into the night.

untill all that there is left of me...is one last glimpse of candlelight...

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