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Spring is a time of boundless love,

Riding on a checkered wind.

Borne on the wings of a silent dove,

A badge above your heart is pinned.

A song throughout the ages sung,

Unbridled like the wildest steed.

Emotions throughout the cosmos flung,

Lust is met by sorest need.

Rolling 'neath the shining sun,

Laughing like a happy child.

As if on fire, inside the sun,

Unleashed, unteathered, free and wild.

Leaping like a cosmic fire,

Like the making of a star.

More worthy than the noblest sire,

It seeks you out where'er you are.

Brighter than the brightest gem,

Purer than a mountain stream.

Older than the river Thames,

Fleeting like a long nights dream.

Spring it is a magic time,

Emotions roam in an aimless flock.

When smitten men will seek to find,

The path of love on which`to walk.

Parched with an unquenched thirst,

Hungry with a strong desire.

When men think nothing of the worst,

Passion rages like a fire.

Enough to melt the glacial ice,

Enough to dam the mighty river.

Cut through your soul with a cleavers slice,

More precious than copper, gold, or silver.

Now as the conclusion hovers near,

I have but one more thing to say.

If loneliness is creeping near,

Remember what you read today.

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