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Red and yellow, black and white,

Who is wrong and who is right?

Why should this man be better than him,

Because of the color of his skin?

Hatred, violence, prejudice,

I can't stand any more of this!

Guns and violence, gangs and rape,

Our lives covered in blood red tape.

Why is it that we're so unkind?

How could we be so cold and blind?

Cover your eyes what do you see?

You don't see him, you don't see me.

Don't try to judge whose right or wrong,

Just try to love, you'll get along.

Put your desires upon the shelf,

Don't wish death, wish life and health.

Come, lay down your guns and knives,

We can do it if we try.

I bear no hate toward any man,

Join me as I make my stand.

No matter what we say and do,

It starts in just one place, with you.

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