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I love the smell of salt, floating through the ocean air.

I love to feel the breeze, as it rustles through my hair.

I love the way the sand feels, as it sifts between my toes,

And the sound of ocean waves, as they rock in violent throes.

A multitude of creatures, populate the sea and shore.

There are those which are familiar, some you've never seen before.

Some crawl along the sea bed, some swim through the foamy brine,

Some dig deep into the sand, where they spend most of their time.

In the depths of darkest waters, where no mortal man may go,

There are creatures born of wonder, drifting with the waters flow.

Things beyond Imagination, they surpass your wildest dreams.

Creatures born of purest fantasy, they are rarely ever seen.

In the shallow ocean waters, where men play and spend their time,

There are things of awesome beauty, they will blow away your mind.

There are brightly colored fishes, swimming in a tidal pool,

There are multicolored shells, glistening like a brilliant jewel.

To me the sea is magic, a vastly unexplored frontier.

What treasures lie in wait, what great discoveries hover near?

But for now I stand upon the shore, gazing at the waves,

I could swear I hear them whisper, "you will know perhaps, one day..."

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