Home: Poetry: Matthew J. Dunham: I Write Again

i write again, i write again, my pen it tells the tale again.

my mind it wanders down that dusty road.

i sit again, alone again, just me and my despair again,

my heart feels like it's going to explode.

i wake again, it's morn' again, another dreary day again,

the rain it falls down from this empty sky.

i walk again, i talk again, but no one hears my tale again,

i'm glad theres no one here to see me cry.

i eat again, i drink again, yet it all tastes like sand again,

it turns to dust and dirt inside my soul.

i hear again, that noise again, the phone rings off the hook again,

it's not for me...i wait inside this hole.

this hole again, this hole again, this hole that i have made again,

constructed out of memories of old.

it's deep in here, and dark in here, no ray of light can reach in here,

yet no one's died of a broken heart i'm told.

they scream again, they screech again, these demons torture me again,

demons of my mind out of the past.

the claw again, they bite again, they drag me down to hell again,

they always come when i am sleeping fast.

i hope again, i pray again, i plead to god above again,

come save me from this nightmare i have made.

i look again, look up again, i wait for my rebirth again,

when i can live inside that sunny glade.

so untill i can smile again, and untill i can laugh again,

i wait here and i wonder what to do.

for now i think i'll sleep again, my dreams they seem so real again...

my soul is torn and twisted, how 'bout you?

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