Home: Poetry: Matthew J. Dunham: I Think it's Time to go...

sorrow clouds this troubled heart of mine.

i bear the painful scars of passing time.

sitting all alone, up in my empty room.

feeling like a child, stripped from my mothers womb.

no one comes inside to see my cry.

no one helps me spread my wings to fly.

my torrid mind is sick with grief and pain.

each day it all plays out the same again.

i wake up in the morn and look around.

i only see myself...no body comes around...

out in the streets i hear the happy crys.

of children playing games 'neath sunny skies.

just wait 'till you get older little ones.

you'll soon find out theres more to life than fun.

you'll soon become like me, tired and alone.

your only friend a feline, your days spent all alone...

mister, please, come take away my fate.

this life tastes bitter here upon my plate.

sometimes i wish that i was never born.

my spirit has been broken, my bloody hearts been torn.

i've lost the will to keep on keeping on...

will anybody miss me, when i am finally gone?

who knows? who cares? who really wants to know...

i think that i will rest now...i think it's time to go...

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