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Liquid fire 
burning thru me 
my veins awash, 
my heart in pain. 
where is the water  
to quench this fire? 
love feeds it. 
My love for you 
like dry wood, 
catching fast 
burning hot. 
Touch me 
I cause pain, 
hold me 
I cause death. 
Your love for me 
like fuel, 
thru my veins. 
Where is the water? 
I burn so hot, 
I will cease  
to be. 
My shame, 
an everburning  
for a breeze. 
My guilt, 
the breeze, 
causing once again 
the flame 
to burn. 
My love 
the wood 
the fuel. 
Again the pain, 
soon death 
as finally, 
I burn out. 
All that remains 
are ashes 
in the shape, 
of what  
I once was. 
Where is the water? 

Jennifer Sheldon 


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