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Reaper of darkness
who hides in the shadows,
waits for the innocent,
prays on the weak.
To the lord of the night,
I stand in the light,
and wait,
for the dawn of the day,
when I return home.
Yet the war rages on,
and the white feathers fall,
rain to the ground,
from the heavens above.
Blood of the angels,
stains the green grass,
fires of heaven,
have life to harass.
And I stand beneath the willow tree,
and the branches sway
at the coming of day,
and the heavens fall
at satinís call.
Prince of the darkness,
my god is gone,
there is no dawn.
And I fall beneath the waves of sanity,
into a life of vanity.
And my eyes adjust,
with my heart and mind,
for my light is gone,
with the loss of dawn.
In this land of darkness,
I will survive.

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