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Children of the flowers,
they are bright as they smile,
at a spindly old man,
who curses their fortune,
and upends a bottle,
of cheep whiskey;
just to show them.
Child of a fallen god,
he curses the sympathy,
of the jolly planting wommon,
as they call her,
who tends a green world,
displaying it proudly,
in her fantasy garden;
just to show him.
Child of the mother earth,
she cares for her children,
except for the one,
that ugly duckling,
who swallows his pride,
immersed in his numbers,
working his hardest;
just to show her.
Child of the civilized,
he rations his money,
which his daughter despises,
she wants a new shirt today,
and to be popular;
just to show him.
Child of society,
she spreads her will freely,
infecting the most manly men,
like her boyfriend,
who stays in her company,
only to be seen,
and to never look homo;
just to show her.
Child of the cowardly,
he hides in the closet,
away from the judging,
like his parents,
who laugh at his truths,
denying the obvious;
just to show him.
Children of tradition,
they grab at their memories,
and call them values,
to be pressed on the innocent,
new to this world,
they turn up their noses,
call on their allies;
just to show them.
Children of the flowers,
they dance in their power,
to be young and carefree,
flaunting their humanity,
and connections,
to control the world;
just to show them all.

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