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YAY, new crap from the master (of crap) ^_^

The Medium: I don't like kids, but I like their philosophy. Ya, mon. 

Endless Onward: I like this poem. 

In the Veins: I like this one, too. 

Shorties: Many cute little untitled poems. 

Medicated: I'm medicated now (and not in the physical sense.) You can't piss me off, i'm on Prozac! harhar.... sigh.  

Medicated 2: I'm medicated now (and not in the physical sense.) You can't piss me off, i'm on Prozac! harhar.... sigh.  

Tired and Confused: I hate being around my friends. Sob, sob, poor me. yeah.... 

Me: This is about me. No biggie. ^_^ 

Seeker: This is about my mom. No biggie. ^_^ 

Meaningless: This is about how everything is meaningless. 'cuz it is. I think about death too much. It's a crappy way to live. Like George Costanza and Woody Allen. Great people to be like, ne? hehe, ne.... 

The Faultless Past: The past is crappy when it's the present, but my memories are nice. I think they're sparing me something. 

Lazy Reality: The past is crappy when it's the present, but my memories are nice. I think they're sparing me something. 

To much Reality: Crappy poetry. 

I can Rhyme: More crappy poetry. 

Cyclical: About how I enjoy hating myself, I think. That's when I used to think. Now I'm just another dot in the mindless masses. Woohoo! 

Apathy: I'm apathetic. 

Dripping: Unsuccessful pot heads and their apartment. 

Lost: This had something to do with human development and all that crap all my poetry was about until it got selfish, but I forgot the exact meaning. Now it just sounds cool. 

Acceptance: This is sort of a happy-go-lucky poem. Nonsensical. The name says it all. Another long-ago written poem.  

All-Night Diner: This is a stupid little poem I had to do in English of a picture that was in front of the room. And, guess what the picture was called! :)  

Angel Wings: When god has weakened, Lucifer will reclaim his homeland. That's my theory, at least, it was when I was very religious. Not church/religious, but trying to find myself/religious.  

Animal Soul: This is the first poem I ever wrote. It's about my longing for the wild, which I think everyone feels. My longing for the primal.  

Answers: This is actually just one big long paragraph. I wrote it awhile ago, I do not know why I never put it up, but it concerns Judgement Day, how it will be the destruction of the mind through the revealing of reality, not the destruction of the world.  

Children of Humanity: In this poem I tried to illustrate how we do things to impress others, while those others have other views, usually.  

Concealing the Mask: This poem I wrote on a piece of paper with a groovy picture that I drew on it. It's one of my more religious poems.  

Distant Friends: A poem concerning mental retardation.  

Drawback: The death of god due to humanity's own faults, or more like the transformation, but to me they are one in the same.  

Eternity's Fool: This was semi-inspired by the poem on that X-files episode where David D. discovers a past life. I feel a little odd about that, but I really loved that poem. I really dislike this one, though, but, incidentally, everyone else I know seems to love it. (published)  

Fantasies: A poem about a friend, who has drawn in on herself, I simply wonder if she realizes how much she is messing up her life.  

Fire Bred: Concerning the many battles fought over history because of religious differences.  

Fooled: This is a short little poem and how I feel about myself.  

Heros: When a town believes the world is saved, they realize it was just a prank. There is no savior for the world except ourselves.  

Judgement: This has to do with a guy I have known for a LONG time. He reminds me of Rand, and he's more then a bit insane; but then, so am I. We have a lot in common.  

Last Night: Ugh, I don't really like this poem. It's pretty easy to guess what it is about.  

Questions: A short little poem about the question "why are we here?" I wrote this before I had my own philosophy.  

Renewing Faith in Truth: Most likely my cutest cute little rhyming poem. Another where the rhymes caught me up, I like the ending, it makes me laugh.  

Searing: This is a poem about someone I know.  

Soldier's Honor: This poem is in tribute to the many veterans of war, no matter what race or side, who's memories shall die with them.  

Stones: About a relationship I had, where we were to alike to enjoy eachother's company.  

The Inferior Race: I don't really believe this, that men are an inferior sex, just a different one. But the rhymes just caught me up, I suppose.  

Time Eternal Paradox: A poem about god, and how by killing ourselves we have killed him, and therefor doomed ourselves to something worse then total destruction.  

Time to Come Out: This was a phase.  

Timeless Cycle: The journey to adulthood, a loss of innocents, and a yearning to have it back. A timeless cycle.  

To be a Vegetable: To relieve one's self from life, they do the extreme. Create there own life.  

Untamed Pets: Yes, this is about me, though I'm not exactly as perfect I as use to be, not by far. Untamed teacher's pets, is what it means.  

Untitled: A savior of the world. A man to make us, a man to break us, and a man to open us to ourselves.  

Untitled: I never really knew what this poem was about, but a friend said it sounded like a birth. I suppose I can see that. It's another poem I wrote long ago. (published)  

Untitled: The cruelties of life.  

Weary: This was meant to be a poem about war, it was for school, though since I never been in war (and sure as hell never want to be) I can't really know what it's like, now can I? :)  

Welcome to Eden: An interesting little thing I did, meant to be long, but I never felt like finishing it, because I don't like it much.  

While we are Fools: I poem is for someone I knew once who I could never forgive for his sins, but I seemed to always forget. 


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