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Book: Just a funny poem about nothing.

Bubble: This was my first love poem.

Carnival: I was in bed trying to get to sleep when this poem just popped into my head, it's just about going on a cruse, even though I've never been on one.

Forgotten: This poem is basically about somebody trying too remember someone else's name.

O Come and Comfort: It was a winter night and I was sitting by my big picture window writting by candle light, I just started writting this poem about the snow falling. Soon it turned into something about the cycle of the seasons and the cycle of a person's life.

See you in China: I wrote this poem when I was more than a little ticked at one of my friends, who happens to be my ex. Keep in mind basically where you would end up if you dug a hole through the center of the earth and came up on the other side.

The Prep: I was sitting in study hall one day and just being basically bored, I was people watching, which I do quite often. In a seat near me was a girl who I knew to be judgemental and close minded, I personally call those kind of people preps.

Untitled: I was just longing for what my life was like about three years ago.

Untitled: I was sitting in the library in my school thinking about all the books that were there and I wrote this poem.

Untitled: I don't even remember what this poem was about.

Untitled: This poem is about the way I felt about two guys that I was in love with at the same time. (sigh) ;)

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