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As the sun goes down, and the light begins to fade

Twilight arrives, bringing things into a sharper focus.

Both in the eyes and the mind

Visions are altered, perceptions hightened.

The eyes bring in sights unobtainable in the bright light of day.

And the mind races, the soul stirring.


As the light fades

Reality is bathed in the protective blanket of night.

The stars shine, the soul laid bare by their brilliant light.

That light, that beautiful light, pin pricks in the curtain of blackness.

Revelations. Epiphonies. All the same.

The soul stirs in the light that comes

Only when darkness descends.

Reveling in the freedom the black skys bring,

Breaking bounds set by the sun.

The soul, laid bare by those beautiful stars, awakens.

Those little bits of heaven

Pierce the soul and the imagination

Revealing the strength it contains.

Revealing eternal life as the soul stretches beyond its limits

To touch the skys

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