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He won't be mine

I know that now

I could wish away a thousand stars

I could place a thousand salty tears

before him on a platter

made of my own heart

and he would simply smile

that gentle smile

and turn away..

He doesn't want my love

my love so fierce and true

that it could move the earth

and cause the stars to fall

My love is less than one tear

in his indiffererent ocean..

He fills my eyes

til I can't see another thing

but he glances over me

like some pale shadow

If only I could catch that glance

and pull his blue eyes into mine

I'd make him see

what burns inside of me..

There is no chance

he will come and go

and pull my poor heart

upon the tide

of his uncaring grace

He will not know

I live to see his face

He will not hear

my heart cry out

as he moves by..

He could save us both

with one whispered word

the slightest saintly touch

but he will not

He will drift past my life

a solitary angel

just beyond my tender touch

I have opened up myself

but he will not enter in

so I will grieve forever

what heaven might of been..

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