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When April arrives in all its power

To rain down a glorious shower,

I wake upon early morning hour

To gaze at the perfection of a single flower.

And as I look out upon sky so blue,

My mind wanders; I think of you.

I feel calmness through and through;

Tis all I ever like to do.

And through the turnings of the year,

Through love and joy, pain and fear,

Upon my cheek there falls a tear

When I think of you, my dear.

Its so very hard to say good-bye;

Almost every single time, I cry.

But I must be strong, I must try

Not to ask the question, "Why?"

Were still young, and its not too late

To stop, think, and change our fate.

And though Id rather not procrastinate,

Because I love you, I shall wait.

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