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Brothers and sisters, we belong to the land;

If you let it, it will take you by the hand.

Love is what makes the world go round,

And holds us together, tightly bound.

We are connected, like a spiderís web,

Intricately, infinitely, a riverís ebb:

Always free to dance and sing,

And love one another, voices ring.

The Goddess, the Earth, our loving Mother,

The God, the Sky, our Father and Brother.

Be true to yourself; be honest and wise.

Be true to others, and tell no lies.

Always remember, you are what you are,

And donít purposely change that, you wonít get very far.

For only when you can say, "I am me!"

And love yourself, can you be free.

When you need reassurance, a comforting word,

Look inside of yourself, and you will be heard.

Always live your life in "the Now:"

Donít always be worrying about why or how.

Enjoy each moment with wonderful bliss,

Or else you donít know how much you will miss.

Be supportive of strangers, family, friends,

Because you never know when life ends.

Unite with each other, join hands, love,

Itís the best gift given to us from above.

Dear friends, I know that we are all related,

But it doesnít really matter; itís too complicated.

Always look on the bright side of life;

Never concentrate on the pain and the strife.

For if that is all that you do,

Youíll never have time to make your dreams come true.

Life is a circle, an endless song,

And we all make mistakes; we all are wrong.

So if ever you think, "Iím all alone,"

Donít isolate yourself to mope or moan.

Reach out to people, knock down the wall,

Or sooner or later youíll have no one at all.

The key is to show people that you care;

That when, if they need you, youíll be there,

For good friendships are based on honesty and trust.

Give up something of yours, if you must.

Never let down a friend in need;

Love them, help them, nurture the seed.

For one good day that seed will sprout

From love, and the Earth will shout,

"At last, my children, you finally see

That love is all that it takes to be free!"

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