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Lies: Sometimes I just get inspiration to jot something down, which was the case with this one. It turned out shorter than I expected, but oh, well! :)

Look: Here's a short one that I wrote for my school's literary journal that comes out at the end of each year. This was published in last year's edition.

My Seasonal Field: This is the first poem that I ever wrote. I think I wrote it in 7th grade, about four years ago. It went through several revisions...

The Seed: I wrote this poem at 2:00 in the morning in April of 1996. That's around the exact time that my grandmother died, which I was unaware of at the time. Now, my family and I (and most of our friends) take is at a final farewell from her.

Untitled: I wrote this after I broke up with my first boyfriend, Nicholas. He'd had a crush on me for five years or so, and when he finally got enough courage to let me know how he felt, I was really happy. But hey, it ended (because of something that he did that hurt me very much), and I still had feelings for him...

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