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If i was a brisk autumn breeze,

I'd ruffle your hair and make you smile.

I'd let you see where i came from and

I'd let you tell me where to go.

I'd bring you snippets of faraway lands and

Make you want to fly with me.

If i was a soft winter snow,

I'd land on your glove and make you stop awhile

I'd let you watch me sink to the ground and

I'd let you pick me up if you could.

I'd tell you stories of the stratosphere and

Make you want to melt with me.

If i was a broad spring rain,

I'd fall on your clothes and make you run for cover.

I'd let you catch me in your hands and

I'd let you taste me if you wished.

I'd sing you songs of next year's spring and

Make you want to play with me.

If i was a wanton summer lightning flash,

I'd stare in your eyes and make you blink.

I'd let you watch me as i had my fun and

I'd even let you hold me if you dared.

I'd show you places you'd like to be and

Make you want to dance with me.

But if all i was was me,

Would we still have time to dream?

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