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The Phoenix: "The Phoenix" was inspired by "The Phoenix And The Turtle" by William Shakespeare.. i was intrigued by the legend of the Phoenix who would anually fly to Arabia where he would be consumed by fire and then rise anew from the ashes.. i thought it a great metaphor for the transition from love, to the pain of the loss of that love, to a new love

Ashes: this poem i wrote after the breakup of a 2 year relationship with a woman whom i loved very much.. she seemed to come at a time when i needed something to cling to the most.. unfortunately, my trust and loyalty were rewarded only with deception..

Stillness of The Night: this poem again was about that 2 year relationship.. it was about the silent times of night when you sit and reminisce and remember all the wonderful times and start to doubt your choice to end it all.. then in the end you remember the reason for ending it, and the pain, and you reluctantly put it behind you and drift off to sleep.. (this poem was inspired by the song "Edge of Thorns" by Savatage)

Dark Rivers: this poem is a look back on a lot of the pain in my life, from relationships to death of friends, from the scorn of you see of outcasts to the masks that pple hide behind every single day.. (this poem was inspired by "Dark Rivers of The Heart", a book by Dean R. Koontz)

Rebirth: i had wanted to do a poem using the storyline from Marilyn Manson's 3rd album for a long time.. finally i had a chance to create this poem, which is the final installment to the breakup of that 2 year relationship.. it was sort of a story beginning with innocence and naivety and moving to the loss of that innocence, to the shattering of dreams, and finally to my new girlfriend, who gave me new hope and a chance to love again..

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