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Ivy McKnight: *zah....* That would be me, this would be my page, you would be my servent for life. ^_^ Man, how time flies. It's been a year and a half and I'm finally updating this page again! *does a little dance* 

Christopher Wilson: My ideas about life and its many forms.  

Emily Cox: One of my friends from school. She writes about many different things, usually what is effecting her life at that time.  

Dave Person: I am a poet who writes about anything.  

Lucy Bockwich: I like to write whatever I am thinking about.  

Sean Brazell: Hmm, well, some of it is your regular run of the mill teen angst filled crap, but a lot of it has more to do with my personal feelings and beliefs (not to mention experiences)  

Matthew J. Dunham: I tend to write about the darker side of life...but sometimes write about the lighter side also :)  

Carley Borgen: I love writing about nature things... spirituality things... and most of them turn out very abstract or metaphorical.  

Donny Shumaker: Usually tends to be on the dark side, but the strength of the soul is my favorite subject.  

Bryan: I am a self religious person (not really believing in one religion or the other), Always trying to ponder the meaning of it all. As you can see I have an acute facination with Angels (Fallen and Good) Though Diversity is one of my strong points.  

Cheryl Ross: I usually write romantic poetry.  

Jay Owen : My poetry is my vent - for all those bad days you have soooo..... i hope it doesn't scare you.  

Aparna Jayachandran: It's still in its "formative phase" but i write about pretty much anything that comes to mind.  

Veronica Glauber: I like to write about my life and how i see it. Death is one of my fav subjects too, but i'm not a phsco or nuthin!  

Paul H. Mann (Starrmann): 733 Egleston Ave. Kalamazoo, Mi 49001 616-345-0204  

Alan James Johnson: I like to write about the 2 things that haunt my life, love and depression. All my love poems are to my girlfriend Jennifer, and my depression is thanks to this corrupt world in which we live.  

Chris A Parker: I write my poetry in an effort to help bring through some important messages to everyone who reads it. Some are of sorrow, some of are joy, love and the plight of the world. .  

Jennifer Sheldon: I write about life, feelings, healing. I write about whatever I happen to be thinking or feeling when I touch pen to paper. I have in my collection poems about love, pain, inner death, and even some erotica.  

Andrew Miller: i guess the 3 main areas i've written about are love, loss of that love, and death.. since i have been greatly affected by those topics the most.. the crucifixtion, roses, and angels often find their ways into my work.. my work is often largely influenced by heavy metal bands (mainly nine inch nails and Marilyn Manson) but elements from just about anything can be found in them..  

Anthony Westenkirchner: I tend to write as an outlet for everything going on inside of me, if you like what you read here, feel free to check out my homepage for more of my work.  

Emily Snyder: I write mostly about life and how one deals with it. 

Jack Deets: I'd describe Jack as being like a cloud, ever changing form.  I can shift moods like the wind can shift directions.  My words come from my emotions that vary from time to time.  I believe my poems make you think.... 

Michael P Smith: I have done a lot of time in jail, juvenile institutions, and six years in prison. I was born in Spokane, Washington, on 21 September 1962. Why do I write?  It keeps me out of trouble?  I like playing God? I write to make something from nothing.  Literature saved my life. 

Rosa Linda Colin: My poetry is various in styles. It speaks of government issues, love issues, hate issues, and confusion issues. I think that would sum up all of our works 
though...so you can judge for yourself 

Emily Buhl: my poetry is my way of getting over my depression.  when i write, i write to say the things i long to say but don't because i doubt anyone would understand. 

Robbie L. Keene: I like writing about most things, mostly my own true experiences. 

gregory allen clem: I write about, I guess you cold say,breaking up and its lonely times.

Bobby Snodgrass: I write poetry of my old lifestyle or the Love of Christ or the Christian life style


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