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Michael, Son of Sigler

Age: 16-19

Country: USA

Sex: Male

Homepage URL: http://www.ziggycom.net/public/mikesig/

Additional Interest: Writing (Stories)

Description: Hmm....well.....I guess I should think carefully about this. I mean everyone who stops by here is going to read it. If it's something bad then noone will want to talk to me...OK. How about this. I'm 734 lbs. 4'7" and I like cats.....OK! I admit it. I'm lying. Though I do love cats. I really love to draw (both with computers and without) I also love computers, computer games, web page design, etc, etc. I help run an Internet Service Provider (www.ziggycom.net) and I live in Kentucky. Also in my spare time I rule Australia with an iron thumb, ink for Todd McFarlane, design secret military orbital missile factories, and act as translator for Fidel Castro. Honest.


Age: 13-15

Country: USA

Sex: Undead,Vampire,etc...

Additional Interest: Animals

Description: 7/11/97 Hi. My name is Tyler and I am 14, 15 in 10 days. I like Art, Shakespeare, the theater, costume design, animals, music(alternative), hanging out, movies, shopping, nail polish(i know it is weird), and making jewlry. I like to swim too. It doesn't matter what i look like because i am only writing to you, but i shall telll you anyways. I am 5' 8", long brown hair, freckles, very fair(irish), and hazel eyes. I don't care who writes me, just WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!.

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