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I have no idea what is wrong, but simply clicking on the links here does not work. However, the games are still uploaded on my other accounts, and they are still accessible. If anyone knows the reason for the broken links, please contact me. However, the problem may correct itself with time.

7th-Saga : Fairly good graphics and a well-developed storyline make this game one of the most popular RPGs yet.  

Actraiser : This game is well done, a combination sidescrolling adventure mixed with some populous type gameplay. Not one of the best rpg's, there is still fun to be had with this one if you give it a chance. (E-mail 

Arcana : One of the best dungeon explorer type games there is for the SNES, i found the one thing i liked most about this game was it's originality in storyline and gameplay. Definitely a must have for any rpg fanatic. (E-mail 

Brain Lord : There are a great many puzzles in this game. However, it's graphics and storyline are poor.  

Dragon Quest V : A side-scrolling adventure/RPG game with fairly good graphics.  

Earthbound : Not your average RPG  

Final Fantasy II: A wonderful game from the geniuses at Squaresoft. A very involving plot with well developed charecters and a huge range of monsters, weapons and armory.  

Final Fantasy III (FF6): In my humble opinion, this is the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD! Well, maybe it's a tie between it and FFVII (no angry letters, people! It's just my opinion!). A wide, WIDE array of monsters, armory, weapons.... A VERY well developed plot line, and some of the best graphics I've seen in a SNES RPG (not to mention the best of everything else). Many characters with wonderfully original personalities... well, hell, I could go on and on. ^_^ BTW, (adding a bit of shameless self-promotion) after playing the game, read *Road To Peace*, my continuing saga about the reincarnation of Kefka (so it's not an original plot! I guess I'm not as creative as those guy's at Square; what a surprise!).  

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: This is quite a simple game, like an easy Final Fantasy. Good for beginners to the video game RPG world.  

Illusion of Gaia : This game has extreamly good graphics but the play is sort of confusing.  

Live-A-Live : A Squaresoft game, though not one of their best. Has a cute dragon, though.  

Lord of the Rings : Based on the fantasy trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien  

Lufia : While this game does'nt score very high for graphics, it has good gameplay and the storyline isn't too childish. (E-mail) 

Paladin's Quest : There isn't much to say about this one. The graphics aren't very good, and the rest of the game is classic rpg. If your dying for something to play give this one a try. (E-mail 

Shadow Run : Based on the popular board game, in this futuristic RPG you either hire your party or die.  

Soul Blazer : A short but incredibly fun game. Here you flick hiden switchs and parts of a town will appear.  

Tecmo Secret of the Stars: Sorry for the confusion. :-( 

Ultima VII : One of the first computer-based RPGs comes to the SNES.  

Zelda: A Link to the Past : Now this is one cool game. Actually an epic, not RPG, because Link is the only PC. But one great and fast-pased plot! 


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