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If you have anything at all to add to the content of these pages, I encourage you to fill out the Add a ROM form. This includes long, essay-like opinions on games, or whatever you wish! Sections will be expanded to include whatever I recieve, and you will get credit! Thank you!

The big reason I made this site was to make RPG ROMs easily accessible to everyone (without any temperamental servers, etc...). If you have any trouble downloading these ROMs, e-mail me and I'll do my best to fix it. However, since all the games are on my geocities accounts, many complaints may be out of my hands.

And please, I encourage everyone to submit a ROM, but only do so if you can send it to me or know the URL where it can be found. I can't really do anything with simple requests, since I am eternally scouring the web for new ROMs anyway.

Legal Note:

It is illegal to keep a game beyond the 24 hour trial period if you do not own the cartridge.

Emulators The programs used to run the games below.
SNES ROMs RPGs made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

What is Emulation?

For those of you who don't know, Emulation games are copies, or emulations, of video games. By using a special viewer called an Emulator, one has the ability to play those games, also known as ROMs. Unfortunitaly, some games do not work with certain Emulators, so it is a type of trial and error adventure. Have fun! :)

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