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What you are visiting right now is my beautiful homepage. Feel privileged. :) I'm just kidding... I made this page to display mine and other people's creative writings and art. It originally started out as my personal homepage, and since has become more than personal, with the works of both me and my friends, as well as anyone else who wishes to display their things on my little space of webmania.

I created this page so anyone, whether they have a homepage or not, can display their works, and I want people to feel free to send me anything they feel belongs on this page, as well as comments or questions.

The Incentive: Why would you like to put your works on my homepage? Because I'd love you for it! And if that isn't enough for you, this site also gets over 100 hits a day, so if you want to be viewed, here's you chance, simply fill out the forms on the pages.

The pages are definitely best viewed with Netscape 4.0!!! They really suck in Explorer, but then again, what doesn't suck in Explorer? Download Netscape now and save yourself the agony of viewing another page trashed by IE!

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All copyrights are acknowledged and those remain the property of the owners. Also these pages contain my opinions (unless otherwise specified), and thus, does not reflect the beliefs of others. The Garden of the Black Rose and its related pages are copyrighted (c)1998 by Ivy McKnight .

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