Monday January 3, 1994

Hi! It's 10:30AM. I'm back in school and I'm writing a letter to Sid. Bye.

Thursday February 17, 1994

CJ likes ME! I can't believe it. Three people have told me! I love it.

Wednesday March 9, 1994

I don't know how CJ feels about me. Molder’s still cute. God I want him! His real name is David Duchoveny, or some Italian name like that. I was banished to my room by my parents and they took away my TV. I might get an answering machine with the money I got for my birthday. I am bored so I'm writing a long story. They're playing some strange country song on Z104 right now. Damn! I hate those songs. God I hate my parents. They tried to give me a lecture on how awful I was but I kept interrupting them with a weird remark. They're both idiotic mother fuckers but that's life, isn't it? You meet some assholes in your life and some nice people. I was just lucky enough to get two assholes for my parents! They think I'm some damn two year old. Or else they think I'm a brain damaged idiot! God they're such jerks.

We need cable. I want to see the video for "I Saw the Sign" on MTV and I want to see "Beavis and Butthead" some more. They're such assholes, but they're funny. Instead I get to watch the news and some guy talking about strange and exotic fish from channel 21.


Thursday March 27, 1997 09:49:08 PM

I think most people would consider me one of those assholes you meet in life. Or maybe that was just a stage. Hating your parents and all that, I'm sure everyone goes through it. Yes?

We have cable, we got it over a year ago. I used to watch B&B a lot. I went to see the movie yesterday with Emily and Jon and Shirah and Jesse (I hadn’t seen her for about a year) and Andrew and Shirah's brother, Jordan.

Sunday March 13, 1994

Hi! I have a very busy week. Jesse's coming over today, Sammi's coming over tomorrow after Jesse leaves because Jesse's sleeping over and I'm exercising with Shirah on Sunday. Uhoh, Casey just rang to doorbell. Bye.

Friday April 1, 1994

I am bored. It is spring vacation and everyone's gone. Jesse might come over today but probably not. I've been up in my room all Spring vacation for no reason. I got a Sega Genesis. Molder! I Wish I had one wish and that would be to be in the X-Files, only it was real. It's already 1:50PM and these people have been over at our house since 10:30AM putting in the new tub. I went to a baby-sitting class yesterday. Our teacher was not good at teaching CPR. It was like she was teaching us how to fuck someone or something! Ha! She didn't look like someone who had a lot of practice doing that so I assume she was teaching CPR. Hey! It's 2:30 and the tub people finally left. Jesse just called and said that she can sleep over and the rats are roaming around my room. Maybe the world isn't as much of a hellhole as I thought it was! But, please be informed, it's still a hellhole!

Saturday June 11, 1994

I'm back! Many things have happened to me since the last time I wrote. One, summer vacation started. Two, I went to Maggie's house for six nights. Three, I went to Abbie's birthday party and now B’Elanna's my friend. Now I'm going to her party in six days. Four, my family and I went to Door County for two nights and saw uncle Jim and Aunt Terese there. Five, I'm taking care of a seven-year-old, blind and very curious ferret this weekend and two days afterward; four nights all together. Six, I'm going to Shirah's house tonight. That's about all the big things that have happened and I got a real good report card. Yeah! I also bought a big $100.00 dog in Door County. I names him Vincent (Vince).

Sunday June 12, 1994

I'm back from Shirah's and when I came home my parents weren't here so I had to go through the garage. They came back twenty minutes later. That's about all that's happened.