Tuesday June 8, 1993

I haven't written in my diary for a very long time. Right after Christmas break I got stitches in my chin because I fell in afterschool. I have a new full-sized water bed in my room and I sleep in my room now. It's the beginning of Summer vacation and I have a new phone now. We have a new fish that I won at the Fun Fair and Chip and Sam are fine. For my birthday I went to Chicago with Jesse and got a new Game Boy game. We stayed there for two nights. There's not much else to tell about. We went up to Door County for two nights and a few other trips, but that's about all. Bye!

Sunday October 10, 1993

I'm not sure that it's the tenth but it's close. I'm in sixth grade now and my teacher's name is Mr. Sprague (Sprage). He's nice and funny. He's my Home Room teacher. Ms. Howard is an asshole; my Social Studies teacher. She's not as nice as Mr. Sprague. Duh! I like my band teacher, Mr. Nergy. He's really funny. My gym teacher is O.K. His name is Mr. Richy, and he sure is a lot better then Mr. Moss and Mr. Leary, the other gym teachers. My Tech. Ed. teacher is Mr. Shoeler. He's really boring. I go to Jefferson.

Saturday November 6, 1993

Today I have a cartooning class. Actually I've taken it before but today is one of the classes. It's the end of the first quarter of school and I think Mr. Sprague is pretty cool. There is almost no one in our school that is cute in sixth grade except C.J, if you would take off his glasses.

I started this diary in Dec. 1992 and just think; it's almost 1994. Oh, wow.

I also started Home EC. in school and our teacher is always wearing these really weird cloths.

Sunday November 7, 1993

I slept over at Jesse’s house last night and went to her brother's play. I hate my parents; they are such jerks, especially my mom. Every one of my friends has a TV except me. My parents say "buy your own." Well I don't have any money. We watched Northern Exposure all night last night and all this morning. One of the ones we watched was the one where Mike Monroe moved away and I almost cried but didn't. I can't believe Jesse thinks Mike's ugly. I think he's really cute.

Monday November 8, 1993

Today is a school day but I'm sick so I'm not going. I also have a doctor's appointment at 11:00AM so that's the other reason I'm not going to school. There isn't much else going on around here.

Tuesday November 9, 1993

Today I have to clean my room. That's bad, because my room is a disaster. I was feeling better today so I went to school. I got my report card and it was really good plus I only have one more day of school this week because parent-teacher meetings are Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday November 10, 1993

Today I am staying home 'til 11:00AM because I have an orthodontist appointment at 9:30AM. I am going to go to a meeting so I can be in some Odyssey of the Mind thing, maybe. Well, that's all that's really going on today except father's on a business trip for one night. I don't like Jade any more and this is the fifth year we've lived here. I already bought Maggie's Christmas present yesterday.

Thursday November 11, 1993

Today is a day off and Shirah's coming over at 1:30PM. Right now it's 8:11AM and I woke up an hour and seven minutes ago. I'm going to give Shirah her birthday present. I hate CJ He's a jerk. I don't know of anything else to write.

Thursday November 18, 1993

It is 10:11PM and I'm in bed. Tomorrow I'm going to Maggie's house after school and I'm going to sleep over. Then Jesse’s sleeping over Saturday and I'm going to my cartooning class Saturday. So I'll have to go to Maggie's then sleep over, then go to cartoon class, then eat lunch, and then get home in time for Jessie to get here. Nothing much happened today. I like CJ He was nice today.

Sunday November 21, 1993

I can't wait 'til Christmas. I want a lot of things so I know my mom can't say she doesn't have anything to give me. Well, that's all. Jesse never slept over.

Tuesday November 23, 1993

Right now it's 10:13PM. My cousins are coming over in two days for Thanksgiving and the teachers might go on strike tomorrow. The American Airline stewardesses stopped their strike. I wish I was in seventh grade now. There are so many cute guys in seventh, unlike sixth.

Tuesday November 30, 1993

It's almost Christmas. I can't wait 'til Christmas. My parents are so annoying. My mom just made me go to bed at 9:50PM. I can't believe it! My dad thought I could stay up and watch Nova but nooooooo! My mother had to be the boss and make me go to bed now! I'll bet she's in her bed right now feeling so happy for herself because she told me! Ugh!

Friday December 3, 1993

I'm going to wrap presents for Christmas bow. It's 4:20PM and Shirah's probably coming over at 6:00PM to sleep over.

Saturday December 4, 1993

We are leaving for Chicago today. Shirah didn't come over yesterday because her parents said she couldn't.

Monday December 6, 1993

We went to Chicago and I got an $8.00 rubber iguana and my dad got one pair of shoes. I also swam and we got room service but that's pretty much it.

Tuesday December 7, 1993

I'm in my room right now watching the Nova 20 year anniversary. I'm bored. Sprite just got lost, my rat, but I found her. She got lost while I was playing with Squirt, my other rat. Well, that's all, so bye!


Thursday March 27, 1997 09:28:11 PM

Wondering how I got those rats? I took a summer school course on Biology and we each got a white female rat. We did tests on them, not harmful ones, just weighing them and watching them grow and we each had to make up a maze-type experiment; mine was if they can find their way easier to a strawberry or cheese in a maze, I think. I any case, some parents did not let their kid's keep their rats; this was a severe possibility in my family, yet on our way home, me and Jesse (who was in another course with me) literally cried because my mom told me I could not keep my rat, which I had named Sprite. So she gave in, and when I discovered other rats had no homes, I called my dad (of course not my mom!) and asked if I could keep another, to keep Sprite company. VERY reluctantly, he agreed, and so ends my story of Sprite and Squirt. Squirt loved to lick people, which was cute, and was a bit fatter, and I think she was my parents favorite. Perhaps secretly mine, also, though the accusations my mom put on Sprite for biting her were totally wrong, because I know what she felt. Sprite's teeth were always showing, and when they touched your skin, although it did not hurt one bit, you may believe she was biting you. But my rats never bit, it was only Chip and my Iguana, Izzy, which I had for only two weeks, who bit, and Chip only after going senile in old age.

Wednesday December 8, 1993

Well, we decorated the tree today but that's pretty much it. I also finger-knitted some more stuff to go around the tree. I did that last year, too.

Tuesday December 14 1993

Hi. I am so bored and so, I don't know. Well, I'm bored at least. What should I do? I haven't wrapped one present!

Monday December 20, 1993 10:18:00PM

I hate my mom. She has to have the TV in her room even though it's always been in her room and I can only count twice when it was in my room. Shirah came over on Saturday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. Then Maggie came over on Sunday and slept over. I read my diary to her. Now I'm bored in bed.

Friday December 24, 1993

Today is the day I open some presents, for I am seeing relatives and they're giving me some. The rats are venturing to new realms around my room and knocking down and chewing up many things in the process.