Saturday December 19, 1992

Dear Diary,

It's the first day of Christmas brake and the first day I start writing in my diary. I've tried twice before to use this book but haven't found a way yet. I hope this one lasts. First time was one or two years ago. I'm in 5th grade now. The other time I tried, by the way the first time I tried, Jade Anderson, who is still my friend, was sleeping over and was in the bathroom. The second time I tried was some time ago and I tried to write a story.

I'm in Ms. Hart's class. Ms. Hart isn't married, is 21 or 22, and this is her first year teaching. We don't have that much homework for Christmas break, only math. Were keeping a diary in school too, but someone's always reading it. I talked about how much I hated Adam in my diary at school and, see, Ms. Hart always writes these little notes inside and she said "be nicer." Ahhhh! I want my own privet diary. I've had this book for about two years now. That's half as long as we've lived in this house! I'm 10. We live in a two story house; a gray house on 29 Fae Circle, Seattle, Washington. It has a red door and my friend Casey lives two houses away.

Me and Jade are going on a trip to Chicago some time in January. That's going to be fun.

Yesterday I gave Christmas presents to my friends Maggie, Sammi, Jessie, Jade and Shirah! That was fun. I got them from West Towne mall. We have our Christmas tree up and I decorated the gingerbread house today. It's beautiful, and it took me two hours!

Sunday December 20, 1992

I'm going to my dad's office today. Not that much else going on today. We're watching a movie called "The Bishop's Wife" now.

Monday December 21, 1992

Today we haven't done anything except hang around the house, but it's only 11:00AM. We might go to a movie. Actually, we probably will go to a movie. I don't know if we're going to do anything else besides hand around the house and go to a movie. Well, I'll find out!

Tuesday December 22, 1992

We are baking Christmas cookies all day. That's all.

Wednesday December 23, 1992

Tomorrow is a day I get some presents because my grandparents and relatives are giving me some. I also get to open my last window in my calendars. I can't wait 'til Christmas. We decorated all the gingerbread cookies except four because mommy eats those. It is past 9:00PM and I'm tired so bye! But of course I'm not going to sleep yet!

Thursday December 24, 1992

It's Christmas eve! It's only 10:28AM but we've delivered all the cookies that we made for the neighbors. We gave them to five families. The Vinsons, the Stienhauers, the Palms, the Erbins, and the Brownells. It was fun. Now I'm going to take a shower, oh boy. Not! Well, bye!