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Buster Kili Goldie
Name: Ivy Trent McKnight  

Age: Seventeen (seems like I keep changing this. oye) 

Birthdate: March 4th, 1982  

Astrological Symbol: Pisces  

POB: Madison, Wisconsin  

POR: Seattle, Washington  

Hobbies: Backpacking, computers, art, writing, reading  

Favorite: Video Game: FFVI/FFVII  

    Book: Great Expectations  

    Music: Alternative  

    Movie: Hamlet and Braveheart 

    TV show: Deep Space Nine (Noooo, it's OVER! Must... retain... will to live.)

What you are visiting right now is my beautiful homepage. I made this page to display mine and other people's creative writings and art. It originally started out as my personal homepage, and since the entries of works go in chronological order, since I'm not in the mood to make them alphebetical (aren't I lazy) I'm at the top. That's because I'm wonderful. :) Actually, I'm just trying to say that I'm not conceted. Okay? Thanks for understanding. :)  

In any case, I hope you enjoy my page. Every image on this page was created (drawn, scanned, or generated) by me, unless I have added some drawings by other people in the drawings section. Just thought I'd tell you. If you would like to copy them, please tell me first.  

Ah, and if, by some off-shot chance, you wish to read more about me, well, that's perty cool, because I sure as hell like to talk. So why not learn more about who I am and all that crap. This is mostly for all you child molesters and rapists out there, since there's no way in hell I'm giving out my address. ;) 


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