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Asrai.gif: (169.5) The Asrai are small and delicate female faeries who melt away into a pool of water when captured or exposed to sunlight. Do you like the little blue dude? I saw him in a book and thought he was cute, so added him in.

Celes.gif: (55.2k) This is one of my attempts at creating an image in the same style as the FFIII artists at Square. It's a picture of Celes at the opera when she is about to throw the roses. Remember, I said it's an attempt!

Centaur.gif: (67.8k) Sort of the centaur swimsuit special. :)

Centaur2.gif: (128k) For some very odd reason, this picture reminds me of the song Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkle), as if she is in a very mellow festival. It is drawen on two sheets of paper, I tried to blend them together, but the line is visible, and that is the explanation.

Color.gif: (82k) This is my nice messed up drawing. I didn't feel like coloring the whole dress blue, so... it turned out very oddly colored.

Elf.gif: (61.8k) I know this isn't one of my best drawings, but I really liked the proportion on the legs, very sturdy, even if they do look yellow. Hehe, it didn't scan right. Anyway, this is just one tough looking elf, that's about all.

Faerie.gif: (102k) A faerie, not exactly light-hearted, but still a faerie.

Kenchi.gif: (17.3k) A picture of the main charecter in "Ways of the Spirits."

Kenchi3.gif: (21.5k) Another picture of the main charecter in "Ways of the Spirits." This one was done during lunch at school in my Science three ring binder, just so you know... :)

Lady.gif: (52.1k) A woman warrior, done in ink. The skin color was added in Paint Shop, I really do not know why I added it, but I think it looks nifty.

Ladycol.gif: (49.1k) The same as lady.gif. This one was coloured when I discovered I have Adobe Deluxe, it is my first try, but since the original, uncoloured one was getting few comments, I decided to change it, and see what happened. My experiment.

Queen.gif: (120.3k) TheThe prices for getting involved in Royal Affairs can be high. This is my first attempt at costume design, aside from a bunch of swim-suit tops (I was concentrating solely on the figure, then). It's a bit odd for a dress, I know, but what do you think?

Raven.gif: (84.2k) I never intended this to be a picture of an angel, I still don't, but I could not think of a better name. Not your normal angel, I suppose, a bit darker. White wings did not look right.

Rydia.gif: (172k) My first Manga-style drawing, done about a year or so ago. It is a picture of Rydia, from FFII, that I did on an envelope and was going to send to Nintendo Power. Never got around to it, though. Ahh, the memories... :)

Setzer.gif: (122k) My final FF-style pic. Setzer, steering the Falcon and pointing ahead. Colored with colored pencil, painted effect made with soften tool in Paint Shop.

Terra.gif: (58.5k) This is another attempt at an FF-style pic. It's Terra with an Esper.

Terra2.gif: (62.4k) My second Manga-style drawing. So, what about Oh My Goddess?! :)

ThePeople.gif: (87.2k) A bunch of people. I love drawing little people, don't ask me why. This was an experiment with shading, well, more like a lesson. I found the people in a magazine and looked at them to draw it, then coloured them in on my own. Compare the one on the left to the one of the far right. Notice the difference? It was a big help, I'm thinking of oding another with a more fantasy theme.

Twins.gif: (101.5k) Twins, green and blue for earth (plants) and water, holding a striped rod in which th colours blue and green come together, a representation of the boys. They are connected at the arm. Earth's hip is a bit low, I have already drawen it in pen and couldn't change it. Makes his leg look off. :(

TwoSword.gif: (59.1k) A gold plated bra/swimsuit top... now, doesn't that sound comfortable? :P Well, a wommon (politically correct sp) with two swoards. There used to be a background, but I was two lazy to colour it in, so instead, it has disappeared! Hehe...

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