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Blast.jpg: (62.5k) A picture of some wizard dude zapping a knight.

Boom.jpg: (180.7k) A picture of a character I made up last summer (He's a troll.. basically one of those die hard action movie type characters) jumping off a cliff into some water to avoid being blown up by the destruction going on in the background.

D.jpg: (53.3k) This is pretty much, well, a D. It was a project for Basic Design (An art class) earlier this year, having to do with caligraphy.

Fighter3.jpg: (35k) One of the fighter characters I've designed for a computer RPG (Role playing game) that I'm probably going to do, if I can get someone to do the programming for me (Programming is not my thing, too complicated). He's one of the player characters, sort of an elf, I guess.

Guard.jpg: (41.9k) A character I drew a few weeks ago.

Gunmonc.jpg: (42.9k) A big demon with a gun attached to one arm.

Loonycat.jpg: (33.3k) A cartoon cat I did in 7th or 8th grade.

Punkdmon.gif: (6.22k) A thin demon wearing "punk" gear.

Shaman.jpg: (68.7k) Just some wierd four armed thing I made up in study hall.

Troll.jpg: (43.1k) A troll that I drew in study hall.

Whomp.jpg: (55.8k) A creature that runs into people and rams them with his head.

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