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These are not our final prices and it is hard to estimate price without knowing what we will be creating, but this may help you to get an idea of our pricing. 

One Page[$40] 
Two To Three Pages [$100] 
Four To Five Pages [$175] 
Six to Eight Pages [$275] 
Nine To Twelve Pages [$400] 
Thirteen to Twenty Pages [$650]
Email us for over 20 pages 
Do you want a Form: 
No [$0] 
Yes, Normal Length. [$50] 
Yes, long or more than one [$100] 

Do you want a SiteMap: 
No [$0] 
Yes [$25] 
Do you want a Hit Counter: 
No [$0] 
Yes [$35] 
Will you want your site registered with Search Engines: 
No [$0] 
Yes with the Top 10 [$25] 
Yes with 300+ [$150] 
Do you want Sounds/Music on your site: 
No [$0] 
Yes, a little [$20] 
Yes, a lot [$50] 
What graphics do you want on your site: 
None [$0] 
Everything Inculding Title and Navigation Bars [$50] 
Our and Yours [$75] 
Do you want any Scanning done: 
None [$0] 
1-5 Photos [$10] 
6-10 Photos [$15] 
11-20 Pictures [$25] 
Other services: 
None [$0] 
Extra Site Consultation [$75] 
Server Setup [$60] 
Both [$120] 
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